Half and Full Marathon Participants

You can leave a bag at the race start and pick it up at the finish line! We will provide a baggage label for your bag, with your baggage label matching your race bib number. Please note that the bags will be stored outdoors and it is your responsibility to make sure that the contents of your bag are kept dry. After the race you can enter the baggage area to collect your bag and will need to show your race number when exiting.

Space is limited on the baggage trucks at the start lines and at the baggage areas at the finish so please use the smallest bag that will comfortably fit your belongings. Bags larger than 600mm as the largest dimension will not be accepted.

  • Attach the baggage label provided to your bag.
  • Place your bag on the baggage truck at the start area no later than 20 minutes before your race start.
  • Remember what zone you put your bag in on the truck.
  • Your bag can then be collected from that zone at the finish area.

Ultra Marathon Participants

Ultras can place post-race items in a bag and bring this bag to the baggage area opposite the petrol station in Maam Cross at the race briefing.