The Connemara International Marathon brings thousands of runners and spectators to this beautiful part of Ireland and for their safety there will be strict traffic restrictions throughout the course which may affect local residents.

While we are planning for the event to cause minimal disturbance, the road between Leenane and Maam Cross (the R336) will be closed from 10.30am until 5.00pm (at the latest) on Sunday 27th April 2025. The roads will reopen after all participants have passed. As per the application to Galway CoCo emergency access and egress is maintained at all times. The section from Maam Bridge to Maam Cross will not close until 11.00am.

R336 closed from 10:30am to 5pm on Sunday 21st April 2024.

In the case of an emergency please follow standard emergency procedures. Emergency vehicles will have access at all times. If a resident needs access or egress in an emergency situation please contact the liaison officer Eoin Ryan on 087 9758056 or alternatively Andrew Deakin on 087 6667015.

Complaints and redress procedure
If you have a concern that you wish to express, please forward this in writing accompanied by a return address and contact phone number to Dolmen Sports, c/o Chris Deakin, Bookeen Hall, Kiltullagh, Athenry, Co. Galway and it will be responded to within 10 working days.