Are you staying at Delphi Resort?

If you are staying at Delphi Resort please fill out this form to help us plan your transport to the start line and back to Delphi after the race.

Please read this information before filling out the form:

– You have the option of being dropped to the start line so long as the person driving you just drops you and leaves immediately (there is no parking available at the start of the half or full marathon).

– If you are doing the ultra you can drive to the start area at Peacockes Hotel and park there. This is also the finish area so you may find this convenient.

– There is no timetable for the return journey from the finish area back to Delphi Resort. It will depend on the demand on the day.

– We are not running spectator buses from Delphi Resort. The nearest spectator bus pick up is in Clifden.