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Connemarathon 2014
DATE: Sun, 6 April
Maam Cross, Co Galway

Not long until April 6th!

  • On a personal note, was my 1st ever race/half marathon, started training in Jan 07 for this, am now addicted, absolutely loved the day, great atmosphere, well done to all !

  • I can't say enough good things about the organisers and the brilliant people who manned the aid stations, thanks indeed for one of the best and most memorable days ever. Looking forward to 2008! (after another day or two sitting down)

  • Splendid event and a fantastic environment for it (and you managed excellent weather!). Your organisation was incredible, everything thought of and available in huge quantities; gallons of water out there, and lots of food at the finish.

Connemarathon News

Lezan Kimutai and Peter Brandon from Kenya with Race Director Ray O'Connor
Mon, 07/04/2014
The wind and rain simply added to the challenge at Sunday's 2014 Connemara International Marathon...
Sat, 05/04/2014
We had a fantastic day at registration meeting friends from all over the world.
Mon, 03/02/2014
The 2014 Connemarathon to sell out within the next 24 Hours. There are just 200 places left between all races, Half, Full or Ultra.
Thu, 09/01/2014
Are you entered? As the 2014 Connemarathon is close to selling out please check that you are registered to avoid disappointment.

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