We get some regular questions every year, but if you can’t find the answer you are looking for on this page or elsewhere on our website please contact us at info@connemarathon.com. We’ll be adding more information as the clock ticks down but for now…

Yes, there is a charge of €3 for postage within Ireland and Northern Ireland and €5 for international entries. This is optional and you can also pick up your race pack in person on the Friday or Saturday of the race weekend.
Yes, but there are deadlines and charges. Please click here for details.
Yes, but there are deadlines and charges. Please click here for details.
Yes, but there are deadlines and charges. Please click here for details.
Ultra: 9.00am
Full Walkers: 9.30am
Full Runners: 10.30am
Half Walkers: 11.00am
Half Runners: 12 Noon
Yes, there will be pacers for the half marathon at 1:30, 1:45 and 2:00 and for the full marathon at 3:30, 4:00 and 4:30. There are no pacers for the ultra marathon.
You must have your number and timing chip in advance of race day. They can either be posted to you (this option was available up to 17th March) or you can collect them at Race Number Collection.
Yes, and it is no longer necessary to notify us in advance. Race number collection details are here.
Yes, they will need to know your name, race distance and date of birth.
Put simply, if you have to ask, then you’re a runner. If it it takes you ANY less than 3 hours to complete the half marathon course – you are NOT a walker. The walkers section is ONLY for people who will walk at their normal walking pace for the whole distance. If you do any jogging, skipping or powerwalking at all, you should start with the runners group. Anyone who starts with the walkers who runs for any distance will be taken off the course.
Marathon Walkers start at 9.30am and Half Marathon Walkers start at 11.00am. Please ensure you use the first buses to get to the start on time. We are not responsible if you miss your start. Full Marathon Walkers staying in the Clifden area must contact The Station House Hotel to make separate arrangements to get to race start on time.
There are cutoff times for the Ultra marathon as follows: 2 hrs 30 minutes for the first 13 miles and 5 hrs 30 minutes hours for 26 miles. There is no cut off time for the half marathon or marathon unless directed by medical personnel.
Check www.connemara.ie and www.connemara.net for information on things to do in the area. Accommodation information is also available here: www.connemarathon.com/accommodation.
The entry fee covers:
– bus transfer from Galway, Oughterard and Clifden directly to race start.
– the race, including all the usual race support along the route.
– lots and lots and lots of 250ml sports cap bottles of water every 3 miles approx.
– toilets at the start, finish and every 3 miles.
– medical personnel, race doctor, ambulances and a medic motorbike.
– hopefully the elation of finishing one of the world’s truly magical marathon experiences.
– your finisher’s medal.
– your finisher’s tee shirt.
– lots of fruit and yet more water at the finish.
– post race refreshments in Peacockes Hotel.
– buses back to Clifden, Oughterard and Galway.
We have a list of accommodation providers in the accommodation section of the site.
No. There is absolutely no car parking at any of our start or finish areas. You must use the race buses to get to the start. All cars parked anywhere on the route or at the finish area will be removed.
Buses leave from the Cathedral car park in Galway City, stopping for transfer to the start in Oughterard. Buses also leave from The Station House, Clifden. More details here: www.connemarathon.com/bus-times/.
First and foremost, don’t forget your race number. You should bring some ‘pre-race’ clothes as you will be at the start area for at least one hour before the race start. At the race start area, you will be able to put these clothes into your marked bag and onto a baggage truck, which will be transported to the race finish. Note that the baggage truck MUST leave 20 minutes before race start. We also advise that as these bags will be stored outdoors it is your responsibility to ensure that they are sealed.
Yes. All races have mile markers. As the Ultra Marathon joins the marathon course (after 13.1 miles), the mile markers will be indicated on the same marker as the Marathon mile markers.
There are water stations approximately every 3 miles providing 250ml sports cap bottles.
A medal, a tee shirt, refreshments and a sense of complete euphoria/achievement/relief (delete as applicable). Post race refreshments will be provided in Peacockes Hotel.
Results will be published on the Connemarathon website shortly after the event.
Yes, all personal music devices are banned for safety reasons. Our race vehicles and ambulances must use the course, and must be able to alert participants of their presence.
Please see the Spectator Info page here.
This is Connemara, there are hills! Please see www.connemarathon.com/course-profiles/ for course profiles for the half, full and ultra marathons.