Half Marathon, Full Marathon and Ultra Marathon in Ireland

Connemarathon 2014
DATE: Sun, 6 April
Maam Cross, Co Galway

Not long until April 6th!

  • I had the pleasure of running the Connemara International Half Marathon yesterday, 1hr 58! Yeoowh!!. The weather was amazing, the course was amazing, the runners, the locals, and staff were amazing! I've rarely had such a good time exercising.

  • Just have to let you know, what a great day we had today. Well done. Really enjoyed the marathon well organised. Even the weather how did you do it. It was a great day.

  • On a personal note, was my 1st ever race/half marathon, started training in Jan 07 for this, am now addicted, absolutely loved the day, great atmosphere, well done to all !

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